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Vast partners with unique and authentic Christian voices to start, grow, and monetize premium podcasts.

What can we help with?

Podcast Management

Launch a new podcast or take over management of your current podcast.

Podcast Production

Professionally edit and upload your podcast.

COntent Machine

Either show you how, or do it for you - repurpose content for clips and reels for an evergreen content machine


Organic, paid ad campaigns, or a combination of both.


Vast vets hundreds of top brands looking to reach audiences just like yours via sponsorship and advertising campaigns.

Paid Communities

Turn your followers into a paid community via premium subscriptions, courses, etc.

Our team knows how to make and market great podcasts. We create, produce, and market shows that are reaching millions of people every month.

2 Million +


25 Million


150,000 +


3 Million +


We work with voices that…

Adhere to Historic Christian Orthodoxy.

Have a strong and unique point of view.

Aren’t afraid of a bit of irreverence from time to time.

Topics we’re interested in…

Theology, comedy, business, devotional, leadership, news, entrepreneurship, creative nonfiction.

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